Phytolrr Project Overview

Phytolrr is an open-source project designed to provide comprehensive tools and resources for predicting plant-specific Leucine-rich repeat (LRR) motifs. The project is divided into two main components: a database and a Python package.


Description: The Phytolrr database allows users to browse information in a website format. This database contains was more than 55,000 predicted LRRs containing protein sequences in various plant species, with highlighted plant-specific LRR segments. It is designed to be easily deployable using Docker.

Docker Image: The Docker image for the database can be found here.

Python Package (predict-phytolrr)

Description: The predict-phytolrr package is a Python library for predicting LRR motifs. It provides tools and functions to facilitate accurate predictions.

PyPI Package: The Python package can be accessed and installed from PyPI.

Open Source

Phytolrr is open source, and all code is available on GitHub. The project repository is organized into several sub-repositories:

GitHub Project URL: Phytolrr on GitHub

Citation for Phyto-LRR

If the corresponding features in the Phyto-LRR program were applied for your analysis, please cite the following paper:

Chen, T. Identification and characterization of the LRR repeats in plant LRR-RLKs. BMC Mol and Cell Biol 22, 9 (2021).